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Forbidden Scrollery

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Forbidden Scrollery
Title logo
Publisher Comp Ace /
Veröffentlicht October 2012 - ongoing
Autor ZUN
Illustrator Moe Harukawa
Kapitel 44

Touhou Suzunaan (Östliche Klause der Glockenrübe)  ~ Forbidden Scrollery (東方鈴奈庵 ~ Forbidden Scrollery) is a Touhou official comic published by Kadokawa in Comp Ace that began publishing on October 26, 2012. The story is written by ZUN, with illustrations by Moe Harukawa (春河もえ). It introduces the human book renter and collector Kosuzu Motoori as the main character residing at a library called Suzunaan, with the story centered around her mysterious ability to decipher any book no matter the language or script, and her assortment of various rare and dangerous demon books.

The title refers to the name of the library Kosuzu works at, and also contains the kanji 鈴(suzu), which is part of her name.

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Mangadex: Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery.

Übersetzt von Reality Dreamers.

Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 1[Bearbeiten]

Forbidden Scrollery Vol.1
Forbidden Scrollery Vol.1
Publisher Comp Ace
Veröffentlicht March 26, 2013
Genre Comic
Autor ZUN
Illustrator Moe Harukawa
Seiten 132
Kapitel 5
Gefolgt von Forbidden Scrollery Vol.2
ISBN 978-4041206195


A preview for the manga was announced in the November issue of Comp Ace, stating that Forbidden Scrollery would begin serialization in the upcoming December issue. ZUN posted a small picture of the page on his Twitter account on September 25, along with an announcement that the story would be a new one.

Chapter 4's title page revealed that the first tankobon volume of Forbidden Scrollery would be released on March 26, 2013.

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