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Ghostly Field Club: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen

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| titlejprom  =Rendaino Yakou ~ Ghostly Field Club
| titlejprom  =Rendaino Yakou ~ Ghostly Field Club
| titleen    =Night Trip to Rendaino ~ Ghostly Field Club
| titleen    =Night Trip to Rendaino ~ Ghostly Field Club
| titlede    =Nachtausflug nach Rendaino ~ Ghostly Field Club
| group      =[[Team Shanghai Alice]]
| group      =[[Team Shanghai Alice]]
| groupCat    =Team Shanghai Alice
| groupCat    =Team Shanghai Alice

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Nachtausflug nach Rendaino ~ Ghostly Field Club
Nachtausflug nach Rendaino ~ Ghostly Field Club album cover
Veröffentlicht 2003-12-30 (Comiket 65)
Tracks 11
Laufzeit 53:37
Katalog Nr. ZCDS-0002
Webseite Site

Nachtausflug nach Rendaino ~ Ghostly Field Club (蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club Rendaino Yakou ~ Ghostly Field Club) ist ein Doujin Album von Team Shanghai Alice, veröffentlicht am 2003-12-30 (Comiket 65). It's part of "ZUN's Music Collection" and it's the second volume (vol.2).


Fantastic and hard music performed by Shanghai Alice Illusionary Band, Part 2

  • 01. 夜のデンデラ野を逝く (04:50)
    • Dying in the Dendera Fields in the Night[1]
  • 02. 少女秘封倶楽部 (04:49)
    • Girls' Sealing Club
  • 04. 古の冥界寺 (04:09)
    • Ancient Temple of the Netherworld
  • 06. 魔術師メリー (03:13)
    • Merry the Magician
  • 07. 月の妖鳥、化猫の幻 (05:36)
    • Strange Bird of the Moon, Illusion of the Mysterious Cat
  • 09. 魔法少女十字軍 (04:42)[3]
    • Magical Girl Crusade
    • original title: 魔法少女十字軍
    • source: 秋霜玉
  • 11. 幻想の永遠祭 (05:27)
    • Eternal Festival of Illusions




One autumn night, two young female mediums are looking for an imaginary world.
An occult club from an age that knows not of Gensokyo.


  1. The Japanese word Iku (逝く, "pass away") is obviously making a pun on Iku (行く, "go") here. So the accurate interpretation of the title is "Dying/Going through in the Dendera Fields in the Night". "Dendera Fields" (デンデラ野 Denderano) is an actual location that exist in Toono, Iwate Prefecture. Denderano is a Touhoku (Iwate is in Touhoku) dialect word and originally was written Rendaino (蓮台野), which is a word also used in the main Japanese title and the story. There are two Rendaino in Japan, one in Iwate and one in Kyouto. The Rendaino in Kyouto was a graveyard and the one in Iwate was a place for ubasute. Which Rendaino is being refereed in the CD is unknown, could be either, or else both.
  2. It should be noted that this CD is this track's first appearance, not Imperishable Night. Imperishable Night was released on a later date, showing this track on its first trial release on 18th of April, 2004. Whether this track was originally planned to appear in Imperishable Night when this CD was first released is unknown.
  3. This is a remixed version of 魔法少女十字軍 ~ Little Little Crusader, which can be downloaded for free on ZUN's old music page. On that page, it shows that the track was created on "20002/10/14", this is a typo and it should be "2002/10/14".
  4. Translated synopsis from ZUN's music cd page.

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