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Narumi Yatadera

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矢田寺 (やたでら) 成美 (なるみ)
Narumi Yatadera

Narumi Yatadera

Narumi Yatadera in Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Magische Jizo, die im Walde entstand
Mehr Charaktertitel
Spezies Magierin (Jizo Statue)
Fähigkeiten Kann zaubern (Kontrolle von Lebenskraft)
Heimat Wald der Magie
Offizielle Spiele:

Narumi Yatadera (矢田寺 成美 Yatadera Narumi) is a Jizo statue that came to life as a Magician youkai due to the Forest of Magic's energy.



Capable of using magic (control of living things)

Narumi embodies the Buddha of salvation. According to herself, her ability can allow her to essentially obliterate a fairy's existence entirely.




Narumi has black hair in two long braids, dark brown eyes, and long earlobes typical of Jizo statues. She wears a long gray dress with a stone texture, with red circular buttons on the front, and a red capelet covering her left shoulder. The capelet has the phrase "hikkyō jōbutsu" (畢竟成佛, meaning 'ultimate attainment of Buddhahood') written on it. She wears black sandals with red socks, and has a frilly, snow-covered conical straw hat.



Minor Relationships[Bearbeiten]

Marisa Kirisame

Narumi and Marisa knew each other before the events of Hidden Star in Four Seasons, and are on friendly terms. Presumably, Marisa's quote before her fight against Reimu in Imperishable Night is a hint to this.

Spell Cards[Bearbeiten]

Additional Information[Bearbeiten]

  • In Hidden Star in Four Seasons, she is also referred to as Naruko (成子), such as during Marisa's scenario as well as in the upper-left corner of the screen when fought as a boss. It is not known whether this is a nickname or an oversight by ZUN.


Offizielles Profil[Bearbeiten]


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