Ran Yakumo

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Ran Yakumo
jakɯmo ɽaɴ (♫)
Ran Yakumo
Beschwörung des Youkai der Spalten
Mehr Charaktertitel
Alter Älter als 800 Jahre
Spezies Kitsune
Tätigkeit Shikigami
Heimat Grenzen von Gensokyo
Offizielle Spiele:

Ran Yakumo (八雲 藍 Yakumo Ran) ist der Shikigami von Yukari Yakumo und ist im jedem Spiel, in dem Yukari eine Rolle spielt, präsent.


Ran first appeared as the extra stage boss of Perfect Cherry Blossom, where she also appeared as the Phantasm stage midboss of that game, so she has the strong image of being a midboss, but even as an extra boss, she also had abilities not to be ashamed of, as she is also a long difficult battle.

She frequently appears as an attack option in the fighting games for Yukari Yakumo and has appeared in Imperishable Night as Yukari's attack.


Using Shikigami

While being a shikigami, she has the privilege of strong youkai of being able to use shikigami. However, perhaps because she does not have the level of power that Yukari Yakumo has, or perhaps because the power of the youkai turned into a medium wasn't enough, different from herself, Chen has only the level of wisdom of a child. Also, although she's not able to turn against what Yukari says, this doesn't mean that Chen perfectly listens to what Ran says. Because of this, she sometimes has to lure Chen with catnip to make her listen.

Clear intellect

Matching up with Yukari, she has super-person intellect. According to Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, she was somehow able to formulate and prove an equation for figuring out the width of the Sanzu River. Nonetheless, more than inventing new things through her intellect, it seems to be her speciality to process formulated calculations; even on this point, the shikigami of Gensokyo have been often likened to the PCs of the outside world).

As for her other abilities, one of her spellcards shows that she is capable of quickly increasing her physical capabilities, but other than this, nothing more have especially come to light. As a strong youkai, she is probably able to use various other kinds of sorcery, but since she pretty much never performs actions alone it's still unclear.

All along, she usually makes appearances as a means for Yukari to attack, so when she flies around, she often spins around. Perhaps the way Chen spins around and around may be also be related, or due to her influence.


As Yukari Yakumo's shikigami, Ran must do whatever Yukari commands her to do, such as doing Yukari's chores or checking the Great Hakurei Barrier around Gensokyo for problems. Apparently, Ran's own shikigami, Chen, is too unreliable to be entrusted with doing chores.

In her spare time, Ran often calculates various things such as the width of the Sanzu River. She may also be seen in the Human Village shopping for tofu.


Es ist höchst ungewöhnlich, dass sie einen Shikigami hat, da sie ein Fuchs war, der zum Youkai (Kitsune) wurde und selber ein Shikigami ist. Ihre neun Schwänze, die höchste Anzahl an Schwänzen, die ein Kitsune je haben kann- ist ein deutliches Zeichen ihrer Macht und Erfahrung. In vielen Geschichten wachsen einem Kitsune nur alle 100 Jahre ein Schwanz, bis zum Maximum von neun Schwänze, weswegen Ran mindestens 800 Jahre alt sein muss. Auch wenn sie einem Menschen ähnlich sieht und genug Intelligenz zum sprechen hat, ist sie im Wesentlichen immer noch ein Tier und wird von den Charakteren oft als solches angesehen.



In Perfect Cherry Blossom hat Ran gelbe Augen, kurzes blondes Haar und trägt eine zweiendige weiße Mütze, mit verschiedenen Amuletten. Unter ihrer Mütze hat sie Fuchsohren, und sie hat neun Fuchsschwänze. Ihr Kleid ist weiß und hat einen blauen Aufdruck auf der Vorderseite.


Der Name "Ran" (藍) bedeutet im Japanischen Orchidee. Der Name steht auch für die Wasserlilie, welche für "Reinheit" in Japan steht. "Yakumo" (八雲) steht für acht Wolken und stammt aus aus der Geschichte des Gottes "Susanoo no Mikoto". Der Name Ran ist eigentlich nicht ihr echter Name. Laut Perfect Memento in Strict Sense wurde ihr der Name von Yukari gegeben. Ihr echter Name ist unbekannt.



Perfect Cherry Blossom
Ran sprite in PCB

Während der Ereignisse von Perfect Cherry Blossom ist Ran damit beschäftigt, ein Fest für ihre Meisterin Yukari vorzubereiten. Als die Heldinnen versuchen, zu Yukari zu gelangen, werden sie von Ran aufgehalten. Ran erscheint auch als Midboss in der Phantasm-Stage von Perfect Cherry Blossom, wo sie einen letzten Versuch unternimmt, die Heldinnen zur Rückkehr zu bewegen.

Imperishable Night

In Reimus und Yukaris Story erscheint Ran, um Yukari zu unterstützen. Sie wird Gegner in Reichweite angreifen, und erst damit aufhören wenn der Gegner besiegt ist oder der Spieler zu Reimu wechselt.



In den Spielen Immaterial and Missing Power und Scarlet Weather Rhapsody sowie in Touhou Hisoutensoku als Projektil in Yukaris Spellcard "Shikigami "Ran"".

Shoot the Bullet

Aya Shameimaru begegnet Ran in Stage 8 von Shoot the Bullet, und macht Fotos von ihrem Danmaku.

Hopeless Masquerade

Ran hat einen Auftritt im Hintergrund von Hopeless Masquerade, wo sie zusammen mit Chen gesehen werden kann.


Yukari Yakumo (Master)

Yukari is Ran's Master. As a shikigami, Ran must do whatever Yukari commands, but since Yukari is asleep most of the time, Ran has a lot of free time. When Ran follows Yukari's will, she can obtain power equal to Yukari's level, becoming much stronger than she usually is. However, Ran sometimes forget that she is a shikigami, and Yukari scolds her.

Chen (Shikigami)

Ran's shikigami. Since their relation is the same that there is between Yukari and Ran, one would expect Chen following anything Ran commands, but is known that Chen is unreliable and it is difficult for Ran to depend upon her.



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Spell Cards

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  • The name of one of her Spell Cards, "Princess Tenko," is likely a reference to a famous Japanese illusionist of the same name, considering how foxes are known for their tricks and illusions in folklore.
  • Ran is the only stage mid-boss in any Touhou Project game that is immune to bombs.
  • Since her master is the only Phantasm boss, Ran is also the only Phantasm stage mid-boss.


Offizielle Profile=

Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt

Ran Yakumo PCB  ○すきま妖怪の式

  八雲 藍(やくも・らん)








Shikigami of the Youkai of Boundaries

Ran Yakumo

Extra Boss, and Yukari's shikigami. She does Yukari's work for her while her master sleeps. She has the ability to mainly use shikigami.

Yukari sleeps 12 hours per day and is only awake from sunset to midnight. On top of that, she hibernates through winter. Because of that, Ran takes care of Yukari's work while she's asleep.

Ran has been a shikigami for quite long time, so she's more powerful than ordinary youkai. For that matter, she has enough power to possess her own shikigami. Perhaps she has already forgotten that she herself is a shikigami.

Every year, when cherry blossoms are about to bloom, she visits the Netherworld for flower viewing. The cherry blossoms seemed to be lasting somewhat longer than usual this year. Just as she was considering that, some living humans dropped in. She watched them with interest for a few moments.

She later heard that her shikigami had been defeated by them, so she plotted a little revenge.

In truth, she is a fox turned youkai. Like Chen, her shape is unchanged and she has a well-rounded personality. Even without looking closely, it's obvious that she has several tails. As a matter of fact, when it matters, she has plenty of power even without support from a shikigami.

Through all these events, her master continues to sleep.

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