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A Deeply Mystic Music Collection ~ Sumireko Usami and the Clubroom of Secrets
A Deeply Mystic Music Collection ~ Sumireko Usami and the Clubroom of Secrets album cover
Released 2015-08-14 (Comiket 88)
Tracks 18 + 15 = 33
Length 00:54:54 + 01:11:15 = 02:06:09
Catalog No. n/a
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Shinpiteki Gakkyokushuu ~ Usami Sumireko to Himitsu no Bushitsu (深秘的楽曲集 宇佐見菫子と秘密の部室) ist ein Musikalbum von Twilight Frontier and Team Shanghai Alice , erschienen am 2015-08-14 (Comiket 88). It is the original soundtrack of the 14.5th Touhou Project game Urban Legend in Limbo. There are two discs in the album. The first is called the "Original Disc", and it contains music unique to the game, while the other is called the "Arrange Disc", and it contains arrangements from previous Touhou works, as well as arrangements from the game itself.


[[U2 Akiyama|あきやま うに U2 Akiyama]]
Vorlage:コンプ (BUTAOTOME)
oiko (N-tone, SOUNDOT)
Vorlage:しゃばだば (Sound CYCLONE)
NYO (Silver Forest)
Vorlage:鯛の小骨 (Azure&Sands)
Vorlage:鷹 (CROW'SCLAW)
Vorlage:岸田 (Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets)
Vorlage:秀三 (Sekken'ya)
Vorlage:どぶウサギ (dBu Music)
ziki_7 (Dust_Box_49, SOUNDOT)
Moe Harukawa


Original Disc

  • 16. ラストオカルティズム ~ 現し世の秘術師 (07:51)

Arrange Disc

  • 07. 芥川龍之介の河童 ~ Candid Friend (04:39)


Additional Information

  • On one of the pages inside the album's booklet, there is a picture showing the door of the classroom which Sumireko uses for her club's activities. There is a notice on the door saying "Order: Quick Eviction" (要立ち退き). This could mean that she has occupied the room without permission of the student council and the teachers, and that they see the issue unjustified.
  • The subtitle could be a reference to the British book and film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (ハリー・ポッターと秘密の部屋 Harī Pottā to Himitsu no Heya).

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