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Dient zur einheitlichen Darstellung von Musik-Artikeln.


Die Parameter hier sind ausnahmsweise Englisch, damit man den ganzen Kleinkram schneller übernehmen kann.

| musictype   =See parameters description below
| titlejp     =Japanese title
| titlejprom  =Romanized japanese title
| titleen     =English (possibly translated) title
| group       =
| groupCat    =First circle's romanized names. For categories.
| groupCat2   =
| groupCat3   =
| groupCat4   =
| released    =YYYY-MM-DD
| convention  =Convention the CD was released at
| tracks      =How many tracks of the album
| length      =Running length
| catalogno   =
| genre       =Genres
| website     =[homepage-URL Link]
| digital     =[digital-distribution-URL-1 name-of-site-1], [digital-distribution-URL-2 name-of-site-2]
| tdmd        =(Make sure this is empty if the album has not been published via Touhou Doujin Music Distribution)
| image       =Album cover filename (without File/Image prefix)
| caption     =Information to appear under the album cover
| banner      =Album banner filename (without File/Image prefix)
| banner_res  =Album banner horizontal size in pixels
| multicolumn =Set to allow for multiple staff credits columns
| arranger    =Album's arrangers
| lyricist    =Album's lyricists
| vocalist    =Album's vocalists
| producer    =Album's producers
| illustrator =Album art's illustrators
| designer    =Album's designers
| masterer    =Album's mastering staff
| other_staff =If above parameters are not applicable, use this parameter to add such as Violinist or Guitarist
| no_intro    =Set this value to remove the first template generated sentence
| non_album   =Set for non-albums
| autogendesc =Auto generate part of the description parameter
| description =Information to put after the introduction before the Staff section
| tracklist   =The tracklist, please see below for more info
| notes       =Information to put after the tracklist
| review      =Album's review
| print_references = yes (set it to yes only if you've used <ref> tags)